Off You Go…to Hilary Miles Flowers

Ok, you’ll have to forgive me my little episode here, because I am all to thrilled about this new development.  I am a flower addict…can’t live without them and keep them in my home all year round.  In Vancouver, florists are plenty and talented, but I have been a huge fan of Hilary Miles Flowers for over a decade.  Her sweet store front shop on west 1st, and the classic way she puts together beautiful colours just hits me in my sweet spot.

In fact, Hilary probably doesn’t realize this but I’ve been using her flowers for my product shoots for ages, not to mention birthdays, holidays and many a thank you along the way.  Here is a throwback pic front the very first ever Off You Go Paper Co. product shoot…


And some butterfly hydrangeas that I’ve been obsessing over for the past three weeks…



So that’s why I am all a twitter to announce that Off You Go paper Co. cards will now be available at Hilary Miles Flowers!   she’ll be carrying our ever popular Merci card (shown above) and these two gems from our new line…


and many others.

Thanks Hilary!




PS. We have some more good news on the way! Stay tuned for more new stock list announcements from Off You Go Paper Co.


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