Hello Toronto!

I had such a blast last this month visiting Toronto  retailers and delivering Off You Go Paper Co. to some amazing new clients.

Those who know me well, know that I am a proud and loud book nerd, and strong supporter of the indie book shop.  That’s why I’m so thrilled to have Off You Go Paper Co. cards available at Type Books in Forrest Hill.


Seriously, this shop gives me all kinds of good feels 🙂  And check out the card wall…chock- a-block with something for every occasion! We’re in great company with loads of amazing and bright designers from around the globe.  Thanks so much Alex and team, I’m completely thrilled to be part of  Type Books!


And pick up one of our ‘I just wanna read books with you’ cards for your sweetheart!

Type Books has locations in Forrest hill and on Queen street, be sure to pop in and treat yourself to a great read!


p.s. for a full list of Off You Go Paper Co. retailers  visit the website 



Restocked at Delish General Store

I spy 7 of the 11 Off You Go Paper Co. designs currently in stock on the card wall at Delish General Store on Granville Island.  Have you been to this amazing market store?  It’s tucked around the corner behind Rogers Chocolates and is, arguably, the coolest spot on the island.  Look at all those amazing cards!

We’re keeping good company on the card wall at Delish General Store


In the meanwhile, we’re working on retail locations on Main Street, West Vancouver and Kitsilano.   If you are interested in carrying Off You Go Paper Co. product in your brick and mortar store, please send us an email at brit@offyougopaperco.com

now back to the hustle,

Cheers, Brittanny