Off You Go Curated Collections

One of the goals of Off You Go Paper Co. is to make home design easy.  We are treating curated collections of Off You Go artworks that combine to make visually stunning wall galleries.

We’ve just started adding our Curated Collections and thought we’d take the time to share a few product shots as they go up.

The Blue collection is the first to hit the virtual shelves.  I love this collection for it’s masculine, bold and unique finishes.  Best of all, when you buy a curated collection from Off You Go Paper Co. you save %15 off the purchase price at checkout.  Just use code Collections to earn you savings.  Click here to purchase the Blue Collection now.

Blue Collection

Of course, it is summer, so to celebrate, we have also introduced the Summer Collection.  Fresh off the press with that ever popular make you smile style, bright surf colours with just the right amount of quirk.  Click here to pick up your Hello Summer Collection and save %15 when you use code Collections at checkout.

The Summer Time Collection
The Summer Time Collection


Ok, so maybe that Wahoo! is a little exaggerated — the shop is only open in beta and only half of the inventory is up — but it’s open none the less and I am thrilled.  Please feel free to pay us a visit and let us know what you think!

 yellow thing-1

If Edward Gorey was a Goth Fashionista

He would be Gertrude. Or, at least that is my take.  Gertrude’s dark personality is so fun to work with One of my favourite parts of creating these sketches is researching my book shelves for works that would inspire a character like Gertrude, and then finding a way to drop these into the frames where they are best suited.

 Literary buffs and  should pay attention to the details – that bookshelf is loaded!

Gertrude's Melancholia #8 - The Spider
Gertrude’s Melancholia #8 – The Spider

8″x10″ pen & ink with watercolour. Frame 8 of 16 in the series

Get it at the Off You Go Shop! Opening later this month.