Off You Go…to Hilary Miles Flowers

Ok, you’ll have to forgive me my little episode here, because I am all to thrilled about this new development.  I am a flower addict…can’t live without them and keep them in my home all year round.  In Vancouver, florists are plenty and talented, but I have been a huge fan of Hilary Miles Flowers for over a decade.  Her sweet store front shop on west 1st, and the classic way she puts together beautiful colours just hits me in my sweet spot.

In fact, Hilary probably doesn’t realize this but I’ve been using her flowers for my product shoots for ages, not to mention birthdays, holidays and many a thank you along the way.  Here is a throwback pic front the very first ever Off You Go Paper Co. product shoot…


And some butterfly hydrangeas that I’ve been obsessing over for the past three weeks…



So that’s why I am all a twitter to announce that Off You Go paper Co. cards will now be available at Hilary Miles Flowers!   she’ll be carrying our ever popular Merci card (shown above) and these two gems from our new line…


and many others.

Thanks Hilary!




PS. We have some more good news on the way! Stay tuned for more new stock list announcements from Off You Go Paper Co.

Restocked at Delish General Store

I spy 7 of the 11 Off You Go Paper Co. designs currently in stock on the card wall at Delish General Store on Granville Island.  Have you been to this amazing market store?  It’s tucked around the corner behind Rogers Chocolates and is, arguably, the coolest spot on the island.  Look at all those amazing cards!

We’re keeping good company on the card wall at Delish General Store


In the meanwhile, we’re working on retail locations on Main Street, West Vancouver and Kitsilano.   If you are interested in carrying Off You Go Paper Co. product in your brick and mortar store, please send us an email at

now back to the hustle,

Cheers, Brittanny

New Designs & 2016 Wholesale Catalogue week!

Hey everyone!

I’ve been decidedly absent from the blog as of late. But not without good reason.  I’ve been working on expanding the paper line and building our 2016 wholesale catalogue.  It’s been a lot of work producing the art, sourcing the perfect papers, printers, graphic designer to build the catalogue all while tending to my flu riddled children.

But a little hustle goes a long way, the kids are starting to feel better and I am so pleased to be bringing these products to market next week.  I’m super excited to share some sneak peeks with you here and will continue to add new stockists was the prints and cards arrive in shops.  If you’re interested in receiving a wholesale catalogue, please contact me at

In the meanwhile, check out these new cards designs and tell us which one is your favourite!


FullSizeRender 2

A few of the proofs that will be coming off the press this week.  I’ll post these and more in the shop over the next couple of days so please stay tuned.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 1.32.53 PM

A  couple of page samples from our 2016 catalogue which features almost 60 products.  Thanks Designer Megan!

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 1.33.36 PM

Click here for a better look at all we have to offer at the Off You Go Paper Co.




Ok, so maybe that Wahoo! is a little exaggerated — the shop is only open in beta and only half of the inventory is up — but it’s open none the less and I am thrilled.  Please feel free to pay us a visit and let us know what you think!

 yellow thing-1

If Edward Gorey was a Goth Fashionista

He would be Gertrude. Or, at least that is my take.  Gertrude’s dark personality is so fun to work with One of my favourite parts of creating these sketches is researching my book shelves for works that would inspire a character like Gertrude, and then finding a way to drop these into the frames where they are best suited.

 Literary buffs and  should pay attention to the details – that bookshelf is loaded!

Gertrude's Melancholia #8 - The Spider
Gertrude’s Melancholia #8 – The Spider

8″x10″ pen & ink with watercolour. Frame 8 of 16 in the series

Get it at the Off You Go Shop! Opening later this month.

Room with a view?

Vancouver is surrounded by the sea, you’d think that every house would have an ocean view.  Perhaps that’s just wishful thinking.

In any event, this house has a front row seat.  We are getting ever closer to having the shop up and running, target date is the last day of February.

Please  leave a comment or follow us to get the latest news from Off You Go!

Inverted blue house
Inverted blue house  10″x10″ Watercolor

Hello Colour!

I love working with pen & ink, as a cartoonist, it’s my medium of choice.  But I also love to paint, working in both acrylic and watercolour for over 20 years, I try to capture texture and bold block colours that jump off the wall.

For the Off You Go! shop I have chosen a few of my favorite bold colour paintings.  This is one of my personal faves, it offers the kind of bright colour needed to carry me through a grey west coast winter and catches the light all summer long.  Printed on high quality, 100% cotton acid free paper it looks great with a wide mat gallery frame.


Hello Sunshine

8″x10″ Watercolour.

Meet Gertrude

She’s that girl that everyone knows: fashionable and cool with a love for all things vintage.  She’s smart, edgy and little dark.  Gertrude is the star of the Gertrude’s Melancholia collection: a series of art prints designed to tell a story.  Each print features one frame of the Gertrude’s Melancholia series. These prints are truly unique, pick one, three, or the entire series.

I have them arranged throughout my home, so the story travels with me as I move from room to room.


distracted children

Distracted Children

8″x 10″H. Hand drawn & painted, digitally finished. 1 of 16 frames in the Gertrude’s Melancholia series.