Have you heard the news, Off You Go Paper Co. is now available at the Butter Baked Goods brick & mortar shop.  And we are absolutely swimming in the sweetness of this new stocklist!

Off You Go in the iconic Butter Baked Goods Bakery Cafe


We can’t imagine a sweeter partnership!  If you are not familiar with Rosie Daykins sublime treats, beautiful aesthetic or fantastic cookbooks you are truly missing out.

If you’re up for something truly mouth-watering, check out the Butter Instagram feed here …or better yet, just get to the shop at 4907 MacKenzie Street in Vancouver for the real deal.






Off You Go…to Hilary Miles Flowers

Ok, you’ll have to forgive me my little episode here, because I am all to thrilled about this new development.  I am a flower addict…can’t live without them and keep them in my home all year round.  In Vancouver, florists are plenty and talented, but I have been a huge fan of Hilary Miles Flowers for over a decade.  Her sweet store front shop on west 1st, and the classic way she puts together beautiful colours just hits me in my sweet spot.

In fact, Hilary probably doesn’t realize this but I’ve been using her flowers for my product shoots for ages, not to mention birthdays, holidays and many a thank you along the way.  Here is a throwback pic front the very first ever Off You Go Paper Co. product shoot…


And some butterfly hydrangeas that I’ve been obsessing over for the past three weeks…



So that’s why I am all a twitter to announce that Off You Go paper Co. cards will now be available at Hilary Miles Flowers!   she’ll be carrying our ever popular Merci card (shown above) and these two gems from our new line…


and many others.

Thanks Hilary!




PS. We have some more good news on the way! Stay tuned for more new stock list announcements from Off You Go Paper Co.

Restocked at Delish General Store

I spy 7 of the 11 Off You Go Paper Co. designs currently in stock on the card wall at Delish General Store on Granville Island.  Have you been to this amazing market store?  It’s tucked around the corner behind Rogers Chocolates and is, arguably, the coolest spot on the island.  Look at all those amazing cards!

We’re keeping good company on the card wall at Delish General Store


In the meanwhile, we’re working on retail locations on Main Street, West Vancouver and Kitsilano.   If you are interested in carrying Off You Go Paper Co. product in your brick and mortar store, please send us an email at brit@offyougopaperco.com

now back to the hustle,

Cheers, Brittanny

Herman Miller Picnic Posters, Colourful Ceramics, Great Food: 3 things I found on the internet this week

  1. The Herman Miller Summer Picnic Poster Collection

    Well, it’s Herman Miller.  International design icon and maker of awesome things.  But, did you know that one of Steve Frykholm’s (now the VP of Creative Design) first tasks as a designer for Herman Miller was to create a poster for the company picnic?  And that this collection of event posters has grown to epic proportions.  Check out the amazing visuals and link to the fantastic interview by Amber Bravo below.  WHY_PicnicPosters_08WHY_PicnicPosters_03Link back to the Herman Miller Why blog here

  2. Heather Braun Dahl, Dahlhausart.com

    Perhaps you’ll recognize the artwork of Heather Braun Dahl, Vancouver based ceramics artist, and painter.  I’ve loved and gifted her 2009 Poppy themed vases several times over.Dahlhaus Ceramics and ArtworkBut it’s her colourful new designs that are currently pulling at my purse strings. Like these…


    and these… Big+dot+mug Check out more at www.dahlhausart.com 

  3. Food 52

    Aside from the jaw-dropping, hunger-inducing visuals this site offers a plethora of recipes, has an amazing shop full of well designed products, and has a mission that appeals to foodies, planet lovers and hungry people everywhere:

    Photo: Food52
    Photo: Food52

    “…to bring cooks together from all over to exchange recipes and ideas and to support each other in the kitchen. We wanted to create a buzzing place for others who do what we do all day long: talk about food!…We believe that if you want to eat better, and you want to help change our food system, you need to cook. Maybe not all the time, but some. You don’t have to eat local foods every day; you don’t have to shop at the farmers market every week. But it’s good to try. We’re not extremists in a cult of purity, slow-foodness, or locavorosity. We’re realists who believe in applying the best aspects of those food movements to our everyday lives.” – Food52 The Food52 community submits recipes, like this tomato tart  by Phyllis Grant  which I will be sure to cook up this week while the tomatoes are at the peak of season on the west coast. 5bff8be5-76a6-49d5-bd2f-1f17f829524e--tomatocheesetart1
    Regardless of where you live or how you eat, these is something for everyone on this site.

    Bon Apetite!

Picture perfect.

It’s photoshoot time!  So pleased to be working with Leanne Liakos Photography on the staging and imaging of my paintings for the Off You Go Paper Co. Shop.  There are a few shots here but check out the full product line at http://offyougopaperco.com/collections/all   Can’t wait to put our curated collections up next.

One Time, In Villefranch-Sur-Mer. Watercolour.
These Are Not Dots.  Watercolour. Reproduced on 100% Cotton Rag, Archival Paper
These Are Not Dots. Watercolour. Reproduced on 100% cotton rag, archival paper

You can view Leanne’s full portfolio here

Black Cursive. India ink.  Reproduced on 100% cotton rag, archival paper. Visit www.offyougopaperco.com for pricing and details.
Black Cursive. India ink. Reproduced on 100% cotton rag, archival paper.
Visit http://www.offyougopaperco.com for pricing and details.